It’s safe to say that the already leg burn inducing runs at Mt Hutt are about to get even more so in 2021 with the latest announcement from the resort. A brand new 8 seat detachable chair lift will be installed to replace the existing quad chair. Named the ‘Norwest Express’ the new chair will whisk skiers from the base to the same mid mountain top station of the current quad chair in a fraction of the time. What used to take at least seven minutes, will now only take two minutes! It is just as well this new chair will have comfy padded seats and foot rests as you better make the most of the rest time on the chair before you will be at the top again and back on your feet.

The other great news is this chair will be more robust, allowing operation in higher winds than the current chair, and quicker starting up in the morning after a big snowfall. Along with significantly higher capacity this chairlift could well be a game changer at Mt Hutt!