The town of Jackson Hole, also known simply as Jackson, offers a unique and appealing experience that complements the skiing and outdoor activities in the area. Here are some reasons why the town of Jackson Hole is considered a great destination:

  1. Western Charm: Jackson embraces its western heritage and exudes a charming and authentic atmosphere. The town’s architecture reflects its cowboy roots, with wooden boardwalks, rustic storefronts, and a central town square known as Jackson Town Square. Visitors can enjoy the Old West ambiance while exploring art galleries, boutiques, and local shops.
  2. Accessibility: Jackson is conveniently located near Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, making it an ideal base for skiers and snowboarders. The resort is only about a 15-minute drive away, and there are frequent shuttle services available. The town also has its own airport, Jackson Hole Airport, providing easy access for visitors coming from other locations.
  3. Dining and Entertainment: Despite its small size, Jackson offers an impressive array of dining options. From casual eateries to fine dining establishments, visitors can indulge in a diverse range of cuisines, including western-inspired fare. Additionally, the town has a vibrant nightlife scene with lively bars, live music venues, and entertainment options to enjoy after a day on the slopes.
  4. Art and Culture: Jackson has a thriving arts scene and is home to numerous galleries, showcasing works from local artists as well as internationally renowned artists. The National Museum of Wildlife Art, located just outside of town, features an extensive collection of wildlife-inspired art. The Center for the Arts is a cultural hub that hosts various performances, exhibitions, and community events throughout the year.
  5. Outdoor Recreation: Beyond skiing, the Jackson area offers a wealth of outdoor activities for all seasons.  The region is also renowned for its wildlife, providing opportunities for wildlife viewing and photography.
  6. Gateway to National Parks: Jackson serves as a gateway to two incredible national parks: Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Grand Teton National Park is just a short drive from town and offers stunning mountain scenery, hiking trails, wildlife sightings, and picturesque lakes. Yellowstone National Park, known for its geothermal features, such as Old Faithful, is within a few hours’ drive.
  7. Great accommodation at affordable prices: There is a wide range of quality accommodation in Jackson at affordable prices. From simple hotel rooms to self contained log cabins, all within a few minutes walk of the centre of town. Most offer included breakfast and complimentary skier shuttles up to Jackson Hole Mountain resort, so there is no need to hire a car.

Overall, the town of Jackson Hole combines western charm, a vibrant arts scene, a range of dining and entertainment options, and close proximity to remarkable natural landscapes, making it an appealing destination for visitors seeking both outdoor adventure and cultural experiences. Find out why the skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is amazing too.