If you are a reasonably serious skier from Aus, chances are you have skiied in New Zealand. If you haven’t, and you skipped NZ on your ski discovery journey and headed straight for the big mountains of Europe or North America or the deep pow of Japan, then perhaps 2021 is the perfect time. Why, you ask? To begin with, NZ is close, just 3 hours by plane from Sydney or Melbourne will have you in Queenstown, surrounded by stunning mountains and breathing in that fresh mountain air.  No jetlag, no connecting flights and 15 minutes drive your accommodation (or max on hour if you are headed to Wanaka or Methven (via Christchurch).

The journey is totally worth it, but if you want to add a little extra excitement (and vertical) to your skiing, then heli skiing in the Southern Alps is a must do.

The terrain in New Zealand is incredibly striking with the dramatic snowline separating the valleys below from the high alpine above. The impressive alps rise directly from the ocean creating glacially carved valleys below. From both Wanaka and Queenstown you are skiing right above the lakes creating one of the world’s most captivating skiing backdrops. Heli-skiing in NZ is especially unique due to the diversity in terrain that is accessible to the operators. Heli is not just for the experts, it is also suitable for anyone who can ski an intermediate run! As Victoria Caffrey, Marketing Manager from Southern Lakes Heliski states;

‘We have everything from glacial terrain, wide open faces, and for our more advanced riders, incredible spines of wind-lipped slopes. Skiing and snowboarding in New Zealand really provides something for everyone but the landscape is certainly what people remember the most.’

It’s worth noting too, that your Aussie dollars go a little further, and an 8 run day will cost approximately 25-30% less than an equivalent day in Canada. So if you want to add heli skiing in New Zealand to your NZ Ski package, we highly recommend it! Check out our Wanaka Heli Ski Package deal here